The location of your myPHSC log on information is on the Home page of WISE. If you are not on the Home page when you sign into WISE, complete what is needed (acknowledgement of notifications and/or changing your PIN/setting up security questions/etc.) and then click on the Home button at the top of the left menu.

At the top of the WISE Home page, there are four lines of text, explaining your student ID number, your Florida State Library Card, your PHSC Student Email address, and your myPHSC username, respectively. In the middle of the page, there are paragraphs in black text, with the first paragraph explaining what the default password is to your myPHSC account and student email.

NOTE: When you first sign into myPHSC student portal, you will change your myPHSC password, which is shared with your student email and Navigate accounts.

If you are having issues signing into myPHSC, please contact the Help Desk at (727) 816-3311.