If you have forgotten your password, go to myPHSC and click on Forgotten Username or Password, located under the submit button. This will open a new tab to a menu on our Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Portal. There are three options: Sign in, Forgotten Password, and Forgotten Username. Click on Forgotten Password.

You will be asked to enter in your myPHSC username (NOT your email address), followed by answering a security question, and then entering in your employee ID number. You can now change your password.

If you are unable to sign into SSPR, please call the Help Desk at (727) 816-3311, to ensure that you do not lock your account.


PHSC is in the process of converting to a new Self-Service Password Reset tool, hosted by Microsoft. During the transition to the new SSPR, both SSPRs will be active and available for use.

The Microsoft Password Reset tool uses the following authentication methods for account verification: mobile phone (text and/or call), office phone, and security questions. You will need only to use one of these methods to reset your password.

There are 20 predfined questions available for you to choose! To setup these security questions and update your other authentication methods, go to

First sign in and confirm your password to your myPHSC account.

The new SSPR requires you to sign in again for your account's security

You will be redirected a paged called don't lose access to your account!. Here, you need to click on Set them up now to create your new security Questions (if they have not yet been configured).

Click on Set them up now if you have not already created them

The security question page will load. To select your three questions, click on the drop down boxes for the list to appear. Below each drop down box is another box, where you will type in your security answer.

NOTE: Security answers are case sensitive.

Example of what Creating your Security Questions Screen looks like

To save your security questions, click on save answers

After you have completed filling out your security questions, it will return you to the main menu

Click on Finish

Changing Your Password

The password reset tool can be accessed by visiting or you can click on Can't access your account? on the Office 365 login page.

Click on Can't access your account? and then click on Work or school account, then enter your myPHSC username and the randomly generated security code

Your options of selection to recover your myPHSC account

Create a new password dialog box

If you know your password and want to change it, visit

You can also access this link by clicking on the settings icon at the top right corner of your screen, while being signed into the Office 365 portal, and selecting Chagne your password ->.

To change your password, click on the settings gear and then click Change your password ->

If you are unable to sign into SSPR, please call the Help Desk at (727) 816-3311, to ensure that you do not lock your account.