There are two WiFi (wireless network) options at PHSC:

1. PHSC-Wireless
2. PHSC- Guest

Which One to Choose?

For Employees and Students: PHSC-Wireless
The PHSC-Wireless network provides all PHSC Employees and Students with secure, encrypted wireless access. PHSC-Wireless can be accessed using your PHSC username and password.

For Visitors: PHSC-Guest
The PHSC-Guest network provides visitors to the college with internet-only wireless access. It can be accessed by agreeing to the terms and conditions that will be presented on the screen after connecting to the network and opening a web browser.

How to Connect on an iOS Device
1. Select PHSC-Wireless from the list of available Wireless Networks.
2. Enter the PHSC username and password.
3. Click Join.
4. When prompted about the certificate "", click trust.

How to Connect on Android Device
1. Select PHSC-Wireless from your list of available Wireless Networks.
2. If prompted for EAP Method, select "PEAP".
3. If prompted for Phase 2 Authentication, select "None".
4. If prompted for CA Certificate, select "Don't Validate".
5. For Identity, enter your PHSC username.
6. For Anonymous identity, leave blank.
7. For Password, enter your PHSC Password.
8. When ready, click "Connect".

NOTE: If your username and password for the WiFi is saved on your phone, you will need to update the password whenever the password to your account has been changed to access the WiFi. Employees will need to do this every two months when their password changes; otherwise, Employees will be locked out of their accounts